Mónica Trastoy | 05.05.2017 / 30.06.2017


Light & Lines


From 5th May to 30th June 2017


monica 1


monica 2


I have always been aware that the architectural space is not only a place to place the piece, but I assume it as an essential element that must be integrated into the projects properly. When I face a new place I try to take advantage of its specific qualities to establish a dialogue in which everything is coordinated. In this way the wall is used as an extension of the painting, as an expanded painting, causing the viewer to observe the space and participate actively, establishing subjective visual paths. In many cases it is the space itself that generates the works, which allows the lines to appear.
In the same way the light articulates the perception of the volume on the space, outlining the forms that are to be emphasized. In some works light is also used from inside the pieces to show drawings that would otherwise be imperceptible at some distance.

I am interested in materials that make it possible to draw lines, to design spaces and to change the perception of a place, which I understand by drawing claims for its presence by itself, overcoming the frontiers of the preparatory to become a finished work from the material execution itself, the structure, the framework and the essential.


Mónica Trastoy. Vilalba (Lugo) 1976.